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Come and learn c programming language

c programming language is a powerful , portable , flexible and elegantly structured programming language . c older version name B, because c programming language comes from the B programming language . c was developed by Dennis Ritchie because they want to redeveloped the Unix operating system . 

C language more than 40 years old but still c language more popular than the other languages . C language is perfect for systems and application program. it is clear that c is the most used general purpose programming language today.

C programming  language vs c++

New learners are sometimes confused about the difference between c and c++ and how they familiar to each other.  Now c++  is an extended version of c that is designed to support oop or object oriented programming [ oop is the short form of object oriented programming]

Importance of c programming language

C programming language is the mother of all programming language. C language popularity increasing day by day. It has many reasons. For example:

  1. C language popular because it’s rich qualities.
  2. C language is also called a robust language.
  3. It can be used to write any complex program easily.
  4.  c programming language very faster than the other programming language.
  5. C language has only 32 keywords that we can use easily in many ways.
  6. C programming language is a portable language that’s means’ you can run c program in any computer.
  7. If you learn c programming language than other language will be easy for you.
  8. C programming language is a high level machine independent programming language.

Lets write a c programming

Now I am going write a simple c program
#include <stdio.h>
Int main()
Printf(“Hello world”)
Return 0;
I have written a simple c program, but where you write this program and why, do you know?
I want to say something before giving this answer. Just think when you gone to a foreign country but you don’t know foreign language or a foreign people come in your country they don’t know your language. So how can they communicate with each other? How can they understand each other? it has any solution ?
Yes it has a solution. Solution is that we can take a translator. Just like that computer understands only 0 and 1 and you know c language. So how you can make a c program?
At this time need a translator between computer and you. And the translator name is compiler. Such as code blocks, turbo c are popular c compiler. Turbo c is the old c compiler so I suggest you please use code blocks.

Header file
We got a translator, but this is not a human. It’s software. There already have blocks of command and rules.  So how can translator understand you?  How can your translator understand, you are going to write c program?
We are using header file. Your translator first reads this heard file then understands what you are going to doing.  We are exposing this header file using .h symbols. C language has various type of header file such as:

  • Stdio.h
  • Conio.h
  • Math.h
Printf() one of the most common library function in c program. It’s also called a output function in c.Printf() function given output when we write something in double quotes. C Characters enclosed between double quotes is called strings. Printf() function must be end with a semicolon.


The main function in c programming

Every c program has a main part. if you don’t write the main part of  c language we are sorry to said that your program can’t be work. C allows various forms of main statement such as:
  • Main()
  • Int main()
  • Void main()
  •   Main(void)
  • Void main(void)
  •  Int main(void)
Input number from the keyboard
There are many ways to input values from the keyboard. Scanf() one of them. Scanf() is a library function of c language. use scanf() to read an integer value from the keyboard.
Scanf(“%d”,&variable name);
There ‘variable name’ is an integer type variable, you can input any integer value from the keyboard.
Scanf(“%f”,&variable name);
There ‘variable name’ is a float type variable, you can input any decimal number from the keyboard.
Note: %d is used for integer type variable, %f used for float type variable and %lf used for double type variable.

The development history of c programming language

Friends are you know about ALGOL . If you don’t know about algol than don’t worry, ALGOL is the father of all programming language that’s means ALGOL  is the first programming language. In 1960 international group create this language.  it was used for a block structure. ALGOL was the popular language in Europe but USA people did not like this language. But we need to respect this language because it was the first programming language.
Second programming language was BCPL. It was used for writing system software.  In 1967 martin Richards developed this language.
Firstly UNIX operating system developed by B programming language. UNIX operating system created at bell laboratories. But unfortunately B and BCPL both languages were type less system programming language.
Now it’s C time. ALGOL, BCPL, B, has some limitation. And Dennis Ritchie developed first useful programming language called c. C uses many concepts from B language. so we can say that finally c is come from the B programming language. And c programming language first used for redeveloped the UNIX operating system. so what do you think about c programming language ? are you know one interesting thing ‘s that Unix operating system one of the most popular network operating system in use today and the heart of the internet data superhighway.
Many years c programming language was used mainly in academic environments because c programming language has no free compilers.  But after some years release many c programming language compilers. This compilers used commercially and c popularity increasing day by day.

Power and popularity of c programming language

c programming language power and popularity we almost already know. We are all of already familiar with popular operating system for example.

  • Windows operating system
  • Linux operating system
  • Mac operating system
  • Android and windows phone operating system
But are you know which language used for developed thus operating system? if your answer is c programming language than your answer 90% correct. Above all of the operating system developed by used c programming language with a few parts in assembly language. Now below I am explaining about thus operating system.
Windows: so many people understand operating system means windows operating, because windows are the best popular operating system. And this best operating system developed by used c programming language with few assembly language.
Windows application basic
Windows program don’t has main function. All windows programs being execution with a call to winmain(). Winmain() are very special and difference from other function, because winmain() has some special properties. All windows programs must contain a special function that is not called by your program but is called by windows.
Linux: Linux popularity increasing day by day. This operating system developed by used c programming language. More than 500 supercomputers used Linux operating system.
  Mac: Mac developed by Apple Company used c programming language. Windows, Linux and Mac are popular computer operating system.
Android:  presently World popular mobile operating system means we understand Android. Because it is very user friendly and it’s best features. Today we got Smartphone, cause of c language.
And Database, 3D movies are creating by c language. So we can say that c language used in everywhere.


C programming language used almost everywhere. So if you would be a great c programmer than so many great opportunities waiting for you. Such as you would be a  Microsoft, Linux, Mac, or Android family member. I hope we have ideas about the salary of thus company. I repeat one more time that only great c programmer can get this job. if you would be a middle class c programming language developer  than don’t worry so many company waiting for you with good salary. It’s not finished you would be 3D movies creator. 3D movies value and popularity increasing day by day that’s we already know.  So firstly work hard and make yourself, good jobs waiting for you.

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